3 Steps to Becoming a Vegan

Becoming a vegan is simple. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Investigate what it means to become a vegan
  2. If you are OK with step one, become a vegan
  3. Be a vegan

It helps to read labels, understand how things are made, and actively seek alternatives to the animal based products and foodstuffs you currently enjoy (if of course you are not vegan). The other thing: you must understand that sometimes a 1:1 substitution is impossible, so stop looking for those and accept that you might not be able to find a substitute for a cheesesteak, but instead, try a marinated mushroom sandwich with stretchy dip made of tapioca flour, nutritional yeast and cashews – it’s absolutely delicious. And if you are looking for that cheesesteak flavor, you might be missing the deliciousness of the mushroom sandwich.

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “3 Steps to Becoming a Vegan”

  1. Nice simple tips here! I’ve recently just started eating vegan and loving it. Do you ever feature your writing with any other sites? Great site in general!


    1. Thanks Mike!! Good luck on your vegan journey. I think you’ll find that hunting for alternatives animal based foods is fun and rewarding. Regarding your other question, I’m always open to new opportunities. Feel free to send me a private message of you have something in mind.

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  2. Thanks Robert! It has been definitely exciting so far! I was just wondering if you would like to feature some vegan articles with us at creators.co? We just released a full zine all about food and fitness and it included quite a bit about vegan diets. Here’s my email – mike.fleck@creators.co


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