The US has elected a president that thinks global warming is a hoax — the fate of our planet is firmly in our hands

We have a president elect that denies all types of climate science. Any inroads made by the Obama administration with regards to global cooperation towards a healthier planet is all but lost. Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to look within and see what how we can make a positive change that will be felt today, that will be louder and more permanent than any protest, and will resonate for generations to come. Our elected officials will not do that for us. It’s up to us to step up to the plate. And for those that care, the most direct and impactful way towards a greener, healthier and happier future is through veganism.

Some beginning the journey might find the commitment difficult. But I assure you, once you go down that road, and do it the right way with balanced meals, veganism is really fun and rewarding. If you aren’t a vegan and want to begin slowly through vegetarianism, go for it. That is how many began. And the transition isn’t that painful once you’ve given up meat. Cheese is a big challenge I’ll admit, but once you learn how how easy it is to recreate that flavor and texture, you’ll see that you really didn’t need cheese in the first place.

There are a lot of resources available as to why veganism is the path towards a more sustainable planet. If you don’t understand why, Google it. There are also some great movies available on demand by your favorite streaming video service. I’m not writing this to convince a non-vegan to go vegan. I am writing this to remind us that it’s up to us to pick up the ball that our president elect is about to drop. And we can’t wait around for the next two, four, or eight years for some caped climate crusader to swoop in and protect the planet. That ship sailed a long time ago. Our fate is in our hands. Let’s continue to share vegan recipes and be as vocal as possible so others can join us on our fight towards a healthier planet and a sustainable future.

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