Some smoothie ideas


Recently I discovered smoothies. I know, I’m a little late on that phenomenon. The problem I’ve always had with them is that I didn’t know what they were or how they fit into a daily meal routine, for example, are they a meal replacement? Snack–what are they? But I thought to give it a try, and to my surprise, I discovered that a large smoothie can be made early in the morning, and serve as breakfast and lunch. I drink some all morning and finish it up during my lunch hour. And the best part is, I’m not very hungry in the afternoon. And when I am, I munch on an apple, orange, or even granola if I have any (I make sure to have plenty of fruits on hand). So now that I’ve come to terms with how to fit them into my meal schedule – it’s onward to finding some good healthy ecipes.

Here is the recipe to my personal favorite so far (pictured here)

  • 6 dates
  • 10 strawberries (two handfuls)
  • 2 oranges
  • 3 tablespoons of almond butter
  • 1/2 cup water

I’ve experimented with a few other recipes. Now for instance, I’m currently drinking one with avocado, asparagus and oranges. It doesn’t taste like much, but with a little salt and lemon it would make a great dip. And as a result of my smoothie discovery phase, I have a whole new respect for dates and figs.

Here is a link to a Twitter Moment containing some of my recent shakes.

Smoothie Ideas

I know that there are a lot of great ideas on the web, and I’ll continue to scour for them. Feel free to chime in and provide some of your favorite smoothie ideas.


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