Musings from the ordinary vegan home-cook

A few week ago there was an article in the NYT’s about the Instagram experience from a food historian’s perspective. In summary, the author of the piece was stating that beautiful pics are nice and all, but that’s not what we really eat. Food historians want to know what’s in the fridge, how do we handle leftovers, they want a glimpse of the ordinary–what’s going through our mind as we are preparing a meal. That got me thinking. This blog is more about ordinary than it is culinary. Beans and rice aren’t the sexiest foods in the world, and even if they were, the skills of that I’ve been able to demonstrate regarding artistic photo staging on this blog are pedestrian at best. I think a focus on the vegan-ordinary is in order as it relates to food on this blog.

And with that said – I’ve been working on a recipe for beer-onions. Actually, the recipe is easy, it’s the application of it I’m finding fascinating. I’ve tried it over rice, potatoes–mashed and baked, and I’ve accompanied it with beer-soaked tempeh. It’s really good. I snapped a photo of it and will post it when I put the recipe up.

And since this is simply a musings post – I receive a lot of weird and curious questions from carnists along the lines of, “what do you eat–can you even eat potato chips or bread?” Yes. I’ve been asked that recently. I guess the revelation is that many people have lost touch with regards to what they are putting into their bodies in exchange for packaged convenience. A rule of thumb I have with regards to packaging is, if you can’t pronounce the ingredient(s), you probably shouldn’t be putting it into your body.

That’s it for today. Have a great week. Maybe a Monday Musings post can be a thing.


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