Musings from an Ordinary Vegan Home-Cook 2017-10-02

An ordinary snack from leftover home-made vegan cheese: toast english muffin, spread the cold cheese on each half after the muffin is toasted, open a jar of tomato sauce and spoon some tomato sauce over it. A reverse pizza. It doesn’t get more ordinary than that.

Attended a local VegFest this weekend. It was vegan heaven. It was so wonderful to see so many vegan stands, products and and promoters. So glad to see vegan culture promoted in such a positive way. Here is my write-up on it on my other blog.

Food Choices is a great documentary on Netflix. Well worth checking out. It doubles down on the importance of a plant-based, whole-foods diet. But if you are reading this, you probably are already convinced. Nonetheless, it’s good to pass along.

Did you know that movie theater popcorn might be vegan? All that “butter?” Check this out. I don’t know. We might be better off thinking it’s butter and staying away from it. Who really knows what’s in it.

Not much else to mention. Have a great week everybody.


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