Vegan Pesto South Philly Style

Pesto is easily veganized by removing the cheese, but by doing so some flavor is removed. This recipe veganizes pesto while delivering serious flavor.


The Fight for Peace Continues

Among Donald Trump supporters and some Hillary Clinton supporters, and even President Obama and Clinton herself, there is a call for a more civilized discourse and unity. I am not ready to grant that. I’ve been respectful and tolerant for a long time, 8+years actually. I’ve put up with racially charged memes, anti-gay marriage rhetoric, […]

Tempeh is Magical

I never tried cooking with tempeh until recently. I first saw it encountered it in America’s Test Kitchen Vegetarian Cookbook as a main in one of their recipes and thought it would be worth a try. They were using it as a substitute for pastrami in a Reuben sandwich. This was before I went vegan. […]